Felice Beato

A pioneer war photographer, Felice Beato recorded the aftermath of the Second Opium War (1856-1860) amongst other subject matter in China.

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Chen Man

Chen Man’s artworks demonstrate the blurred boundaries between fashion photography and so-called artistic photography.

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Auguste François

The French Consul-General Auguste François left us today over hundreds of photographs taken across China between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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Yang Yongliang

For most of his working years Yang Yongliang has undertaken a kind of urban archaeology by creating unsettling photographs, in which utopia and dystopia intertwine with one another.

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Eric Leleu

Created by the French photographer Eric Leleu (b. 1979), the series Subtitles (re)invents the story of hengfu (横幅), the famous red Chinese banners bearing powerful messages.

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Lai Afong

Lai Afong (c.1839-1890)  – also called Lai Fong – was perhaps one of the most famous and successful Chinese commercial photographer and proprietor of the longest lived photographic studio in nineteenth-century Hong Kong.

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Thomas Sauvin: Beijing Silvermine

Thomas Sauvin collects and salvages the abandoned negatives from a recycling area north of Beijing. By doing so, he saves and reinvents a recent and nearly-forgotten past.

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